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How to start?

First you have to register our site accepting our terms and conditions policy. 

Completing profile


Are ladies from your catalogue real and honest?

The girls are real,  and we check our database. You may read our anti - scam policy.

I want to have children when I get married, what age of ladies should I consider?

We advise you to choose 21-43, and if your lady is 40+ and already have children , read her profile if she wants to have more children.. Many men choose ladies much younger just because they want children,  while ladies 30-44 are interested in kids as well.


I'm visiting Ukraine in one month. Can you help me meet some ladies while I'm there?

Yes, we will help you to arrange meeting from girls from our database, providing you with interpreter’s help, apartments and transportation.

Can I meet with several women?

We  suggest you  to have a few meetings. If you meet several women, after you can chose the good one for you.

Do Ukrainian ladies speak English?

English is the most popular foreign language and most girls know the basics of the language, however this level is not enough to speak freely while meeting you in real.  So we advise you to use an interpreters help, since the communication is very important for a couple especially is necessary to understand each other clearly in the beginning of relationships.

Can you tell me how usually relationships develop?

The whole process  generally goes this way:
- A couple  communicates for several months, and  then man  meets a lady (ladies) in person in  one of cities. After time spent with the ladies, the client decides  whom to choose to be with. When the lady is chosen, he proposes to her and after she positive reply  he starts paperwork for fiancée visa for his fiancée. He continues communicating with his lady while the fiancée visa is in process.

Once the lady gets visa, lady comes to her fiancé in the USA  or another  country .