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About Us

We are glad to welcome you on our international dating site

Our agency “Magnoliya” has been opened in June of 2007. Many people all around the world meet one and the same problem of loneliness. Therefore our goal is to introduce women and men to each other to find their second half and to create a happy family! Our agency has organized many successful friendships as well as serious relationships and we hope for many happy families in the future.

We register unmarried women and men above 18 years old.
We hope our service will help you to find your second half.


            2.Live chat

            3.Giftsand flowers delivery

            4.Virtual gifts

            5.Video dating (Skype meeting )


 You can contact us via:

  1. E-mail for using our site service
  2. E-mail for contacting the site administration
  3. Skype for using our site service services 
  4. Skype for contacting the site administration

Refund policy.

Our main goal is to help you find your soul-mate and create a family.

We carefully check the clients who sign-up our website Reliable information is entered into the profile of a lady. The passports of the ladies are checked, their ID cards are scanned (if it is the Ukrainian passport of the new sample). This is done to ensure the correctness of the data of a lady, the presence of children, marital status, if the girl is divorced; she provides a certificate of divorce. Before signing up the site we hold a conversation with each girl to convince in her seriousness in finding love and creating a family.

We have a solid experience in dating services, but we can't be completely sure in our clients. If a lady is seen in deception or fraud, she will be immediately removed. You will be refunded for our services. To do this, we have developed the refund policy for you.

You have the right to return your funds spent for the correspondence service:

1. If you have exchanged a large number of letters, more than 20 pieces, a lady told, she would meet with you, and then refused, without a significant reason.

A significant reason is: Serious health problems with her or her close relative, a busy schedule at the appointed time for the meeting, an unplanned business trip and other force majeure circumstances.

2. if a lady did not come to a pre-agreed real date, which was supposed to take place in the city of the lady’s residence. The lady must indicate the significant reason for her absence. The lady cannot justify herself, citing a headache, mixed dates or / and extra call in to work.

A date is considered to be accomplished if the lady came to a meeting on the other day of the man's stay in her city, country.


The lady cannot be considered not a real after giving a video-confirmation of her reality. Also, if the lady was present on video dates or received gifts from you, with a photo or a video report.


* We will refund your money spent on a real gift for a lady, in whole or in part, depending on the terms of delivery:


1. If the real gift paid by you was not delivered. You can give your consent to prolong the delivery of the gift or postpone the specified date.


2. A gift which was mistakenly delivered is not the gift which was ordered and paid for. We can correct the mistake by delivering the right gift to the lady. If this is not possible, we will refund you the money spent for this gift.


3. The gift was delivered partly, not all the components mentioned in the description are present in the gift. We will refund you some of the funds for the missing components, or give the lady a new gift in accordance with the order. A photo report will be provided.


A gift is considered to be delivered as soon as we send you a photo or video report.


* We will refund you, your money spent for buying out a lady's contact information:


1. If the lady did not respond a letter sent to the personal email specified in the contact information.

We have the right to check the information provided by you and the lady. If an error has occurred during data transmission, we will eliminate it.

2. If the lady didn't replied a letter sent to her personal email intentionally without a significant reason

A significant reason is: TEMPORARY absence of the Internet, a temporary breakdown of computer equipment or a cell phone. A lady must notify you, if she has such problems.

If the lady did not answer you within three months after the purchase of information, we can assume that the exchange of contact information did not take place. The lady can confirm the exchange of the contact details by sending us the screen of your correspondence.

The exchange of contact information is considered to be held, after you receive a response to the letter, talking on the phone, chatting with the lady in Skype, correspondence in Viber or other system.

* Refunds for a failed video date.

A man and a lady have the right to postpone a video date to a convenient time and date. If the lady did not come to the video meeting, at the agreed time, we will give you the opportunity to postpone the meeting, specifying a new date and time. If the lady didn’t come for a video date, the video date will be considered to be failed…. A lady can reschedule a video date by notifying us or you in advance. But no later than 15 minutes before the specified time of video date